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Minky Starshine

Minky Starshine is a band. Minky is a man…from Boston (via Providence) who has been writing and recording shameless power pop ever since the term was coined. His discography includes four proper releases, and Minky has recorded dozens of songs for media and television. His 2016 release, Pop Jewelry was recorded with the grammy-winning Ducky Carlisle and features longtime contributor Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), as well as Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck) and Dave Mattacks (Fairport ConventionPaul McCartney). The Noise (Boston) declares “Nearly every track here is a complete winner and is without a doubt poised to be the Spilt Milk of this decade!” Minky has recently spent time both playing and recording between Memphis (Ardent), Seattle and Boston. In 2018, the new line-up featuring Ken Stringfellow, Mike Musburger (Posies) and Jody Stephens (Big Star) will release new music.