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Hope Roth

On Hope's Studio Recordings :

[Orange] is a catchy punk-pop number that has a blazing bass line and which is reminiscent of The Go-Gos.... The other four songs show a different side to Roth's talents and more softly- focused, are in contrast folk-tinged ballads with a dreamy fifties and sixties feel. It is a great shame that, because Roth's finances are limited, that even by indie standards there are only a very small number of copies of this EP being made, and that it will only be heard by a lucky few. This is a strong record, beautifully-crafted, lyrically clever and wryly humorous and which with good performances all around from her diverse backing band, showcases a forceful new talent....hopefully this will be only the start of her recording career and the indie world will hear plenty more of her soon. --John Clarkson, Pennyblack Music Magazine

On Hope's Live Performances :

When I listened to Hope I felt like maybe I could've been listening to pre-Hollywood Jewel. Several things contributed to this feeling. First, Hope's voice definitely has a Jewel-esque feel to it when she reaches for the higher notes: it gets deeper, fuller while never losing the pitch.

The lyrics and the bare-bones feel to Hope's stage presence really made it feel like there was this open heart telling us things it had heretofore kept to itself. Jewel has, as we all know, moved on from her early style, but Hope is still pure in her desire to tell us what she has to say, without being flashy about it. --Ryan Brodeur, The Trinity Tripod

Trinity Live continued to rock on with the talent of Hope Roth '04. Hope's unique singing voice, combined with her talent on the guitar created an enjoyable atmosphere. -- Kristin St. Martin, The Trinity Tripod

From Fellow Artists:

"Hope Roth's charm, charisma, and talent are absolutely infectious" -Shaun Wolf Wortis (Gato Malo, Slide)