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Boston BeauTease

There are not a lot of ambiguous feelings when it comes to sequins. Either they never cross your mind, or you discuss them fervently. The Boston BeauTease (previously Boston Babydolls) are in the latter camp. On a recent Sunday night before their monthly gig at Flat Top Johnny's, five members of the classic burlesque troupe and their frontman/manager/producer, the fedora-topped Scratch, sat around a high table in the Kendall Square pool hall pulling, tugging, and meticulously aligning sequins - and ribbons and snaps and hand-dyed silk strips.

There was no time to waste. The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition was fast approaching. And the BeauTease  several of whom helped organize this weekend's bevy of workshops, performances, and exhibits, all of whom are performing in it, had costumes to complete.

"I found this fabulous sequin gown, but it looks like something they'd wear on 'Dynasty' circa 1984," said Honey Do, adjusting the feather piece pinned in her hair, a gift from her aunt. "It has shoulder pads. It's all wrong. It's not a BeauTease dress. Yet." She burrowed into the stitching of the emerald green reflective dress with a seam-ripper. The sleeves had to go, but none of the sequins could be sacrificed.

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