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Sat Nite March 5, 2011

Wolf's 18th Annual Mardi Gras Ball

T.T. The Bear's Place

10 Brookline Street Cambridge, MA

Yo! it's been eighteen frikkin years! A night of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues! Featuring Shaun Wolf Wortis and the Legendary Vudu Krewe All-Star Mardi Gras Band with special guest singers Rick Berlin, Barrence Whitfield, Emily Eastridge, Nate Rogers, Andrea Gillis, Charlie Farren/Jon Butcher and dressing the debutantes! The Boston Babydolls round out the bill.

Campbell American Guitar Raffle!

We rafflled away a brand new Campbell American UK-1 on the night of the show. Congratulations to Vlad Lamadieu of Allston Mass., the proud new owner of the instrument! All proceeds from the raffle went to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

Campbell American is one of the nation's top instrument builders. This was an amazing donation.

Campbell American Site | Mr Music Site

Press Release

Cambridge, MA - For the eighteenth straight year, we're gonna have a party. Wolf's 18th Mardi Gras Ball is at T.T. The Bear's Place in Central Square, Cambridge. Shaun Wolf Wortis leads a sprawling 11-piece band—the Legendary Vudu Krewe All-Star Mardi Gras Band—through a high-energy set of old New Orleans rhythm & blues music, some jazz-era tunes, and some sing-along "Indian" romps. Special guests from the local Boston rock roster contribute songs in the vein with the Krewe as a backing band. Long time attendees of the Mardi Gras Ball events can cite the classic New Orleans party songs, but Wortis and Krewe also mine a rich seventy years of Lousiana pop music for obscure nuggets. Indeed, regulars of the Annual Mardi Gras Balls may the only folks outside of the Crescent City to now be thoroughly familiar with Oliver Morgan's "Who Shot the La La," The Lollipops "I Got Loaded" or the Pelicans' "Drunk Drunk Drunk".

Health Care for Musicians

Wolf's Mardi Gras Ball is pleased to support the New Orleans Musicians Clinic which provides free medical care to musicians in need in New Orleans.

The fact that so many of us are without any health care is, well, f'd up. Until we are willing to agree on how to provide basic health care for all Americans, organizations such as the New Orleans Musicians Clinic remain necessary, and hence events like Wolf's Annual Mardi Gras Ball are also necessary. Yes, we do this because we love this music and love performing (and it's a heck of a fun show) but we feel obliged to walk around in ice-cold January and February Boston putting up fliers ALSO on a hope that we can raise a couple thousand dollars so that our fellow musicians get basic medical care.

That's my rant and I'm sticking with it..